Frankentahl r3

One would expect the movie Schindler's List is better im Deutsch, but no. But it's not as bad as listening to Cartman from Southpark in the after-sync.
Only German channels in the hotel, which is beside the television allright.

The game in round 3 was very interesting. Those German guys don't do much on the board, just waiting for a mistake, I guess. Well, I made a little on a a very hard Sicilian Najdorf. I thought at the moment I had the better position, but computer says no: it's equal. Even after that mistake I could've had a better position, but my opponent, who had the worst breath ever, played better moves.
It's a bit painful to see some of my opening-knowledge is insufficient.

Pieter never had a chance and lost. Ruud's position was way better, but he wasn't rewarded again, he made a draw.


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