Vellmar 2015 r3

A lovely lady, for a change, was my opponent in the third round of the Vellmar Chess Tournament. It turned out to be a very interesting game, in which I had to come up with a difficult strategic plan. While I did all the work it only gained me a pawn. Too bad the queens had to be exchanged in the proces.

The pawn-ending with rook and bishop against rook and Springer, was only winning because my bishop was very strong and her king wad cut off from the freepawn I created.

This lady had two draws against higher rated players, so though it was not the hardest if wins I was mellowy happy with the point. Tomorrow another game, again against a woman.

Very confident, because every game my level of play is increasing.
Now of to bed. Dogtired, even my English sentences start to lack.


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