Vellmar 2015 r6

Can it get even worse after the blunders this weekend? O, yes! Easily.

I'd outplayed my friendly opponent completely. There were some drops of sweat hanging from his humongous mustache.

Look at this position:

Boele Blundert

Look at it.
Look at it!
Just look at it, you bastards!

It's over. White's last move was h5, and now a couple of good choices are available for me, with the back pieces, nice ones, for example Ne5 and Qc3.
Ne5 is easy calculated, after Nxe5 Qxe5 again two pieces are hanging after Be7 the problem remains with Re8.
But also 1.Qxc3 Qxc3 2.bxc3 hxg6 3.c2! is always winning.

Even Bb7 still gives big advantage.

Only one move looses on the spot.
1. Nh8???
Yes, three question marks.
Mate or loss of queen.

Maybe they've put something in our water.
Three blunders in six games, giving two and a half point away. And with it about 60 ratingpoints.

I'm only happy this afternoon is the last round of the tournament. After that, I will never ever in my life go back to Vellmar Schachtage.


But the pension is ok.


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