Vellmar 2015 r1

What an ugly point! Ok, I was not inspired, not at all, and found the correct move all the time, but one move later then needed... My friendly opponent did play the best moves, until I was in completely lost position. But then he could not finish the job and retreated his pieces one by one.

In the meantime I was waking up, being angry about my game at first, playing some real chess afterwards. My opponent asked for a draw, which theoretically was maybe the case, but so much could go wrong still for black. I could play on without a risk and raised my game.

It took a while before I found the strategically correct plans, and after my knight danced to the according fields, black was in trouble. In a difficult position my opponent made it easier for me by letting his knight exchange for my darksquared bishop, after which the remaining ending was an easy win.

Not the best of starts, but when a pawn is a pawn, a point is a point. Even after 5 hours something playing chess. The second round tomorrow morning is not published yet, so while I'm of to bed, next opponent will be a surprise! No preparation for me, but maybe that's for the better - sleep will probably have more effect then analysis, after the undeserved and dramatic win of today.

Tomorrow I'll do the goodies at the right time.
I hope...


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Torro Torro Taxi schreef op 7 Aug, 2015:

Go get 'm, Tiger!

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