Frankentahl r7

The seventh and last round started out very well for me. White played the Morra-gambit, an sharp line, which is not very good for white and I beat most of the time. Against this opponent, rated 2180, after 10 moves I already got a position to dream of. Everything but the white-square bishop was nicely developed and coordinated, and with the gambit-pawn still up, it should be a matter of time.

I decided to rearrange my queen, to get some kingside threats, but this was a bad idea. I should've seen the problems coming while my opponent now could play f4 to get the initiative in the center.

But then I saw a nice piece-sac, which would uncage my position, and win two pawns, because I would get the piece back in every variation, thus gaining a winning position.

Unfortunately I didn't get the piece back. My opponent found some difficult moves, that were maybe a bit lucky to be in the position, but he played it correctly. I still got the three pawns for the piece, but no further interest in playing on, because of the white knight om d6 and all the open files and rankes. No compensation whatsoever.
In the post-mortem he stated that "this was a game he probably should've lost", but well, I can't buy food for that.

The tournament is over. I gained many rating-points and ended up with 4 out of 7, which gave me the rating-prize under 2000!

To the next and thank you all for following and supporting me!


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