Frankentahl r6

In the sixth found I had to play a friendly guy rated 2140. It was the former opponent of Ruud, so I knew I had to play against the Pirc. Though I normally play a different system, I decided to adopt the system Ruud plays, with h3, because Ruud got a very promising position.

So did I! After 20 moves all black pieces were misplaced and uncoordinated. Then a mobile phone in our neighbourhood was ringing. I couldn't locate it immediately and played on, creating strategic plans and calculating variations. After I made my move, my opponent took me aside, telling it was his phone that went off. It was in his pocket and he turned it on by accident. Because it's an official FIDE-tournament, I could've claimed the full point at that moment, but after I had given it some thought, I decided to be sportive about it. First of all I like the fact he took me apart to be fair about it. I like honest people. Second I came to play chess, not to get free points.

So I played on and got a nice kingside attack with queen and knight, in which I gained some material. With an exchange and and a pawn up it was a matter of technique.

Until I saw a nice combination, which gave me an extra pawn and the double exchange, ripping the position of my opponent apart. But, not calculating deep enough, it turned out I couldn't take the passed pawn he got for all the material, because of mate in one.

So now I had to bring my king to safety, recoordinate my pieces, and ten moves later he resigned.

In the tournament with four games out of six, and even battling for the podium wich a TPR from almost 2300. Let's see what the game of the afternoon brings.


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