Frankentahl r4

So December has finally gotten into me. Literally. I ripped right out of my jeans in the playing-hall when I reached for my coffee, which was on a low table. The bockwurst and the weizen are banned till later order. Fat bastard.

I'm eating tomato's, kiwi's and green salad while writing this. Next round starts in only half an hour, but we had to wait for Pieter's game to end. He played very well against a big rated player, but wasn't rewarded. In the end the early pawnloss cost him the game.

My game with the black pieces against rating 1904 was a very easy win. He tried to follow the game Grotzbach - Boele from last year, in which white played an early g4 in the Marozcy-bind. Of course I've analyzed this variation extensively, and though it took me 20 minutes to get everything back to consciousness, I found the right path in this round of the Frankentahler Open.

"You try to dissect me with this blunt little tool?" came to mind, as-well as My heart will go on by Celine Dion. Don't ask me why, I don't even like her that much. Just the songs in my head.

But anyway, I quickly won the exchange, and the attack on my king was nothing else than cannon-fodder, which I easily defended. A nice little temporarily piece-sacrifice was rejected, but then I could exchange queens, the bishops and create a passed pawn. I gave back the exchange for an easily winning pawn-endgame, which my opponent didn't want to see so he resigned.

Ok, I'll take my words from yesterday back: not all German players sit and wait. Only the old. Some, like my 17-year old opponent, try to win in 12 moves.
No, Sir. Not today.

Ruud had a fairly nice draw against a former IM, who had a rating of 2079.

Back to the board now. Wish me luck!
But first I need to change trousers...


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