Vellmar 2015 r7

In round seven finally some chess was played. Ditching all theoretical lines, I quickly won a pawn with the white pieces. I had to give up all my developed pieces and black was equal with a pawn down for the first 20 moves. Those moves has slurped my time - not wanting to make any easy mistakes, like done in some rounds before...

Black played quite quickly, finding the not too hard but correct moves with ease, and creating all kind of development problems for me.

Slowly I got a better position, making my pieces active, while keeping the extra pawn that I won in the opening. When we finally started to play chess - hence not defending anymore - I outplayed my opponent, forcing exchange of queens and making good use of the triple-pawn on the c-file.

I snatched the two lonely points on the kingside, survived the time-control and when the clock added 30 minutes after 40 moves I could finally go to the bathroom and drink some water. (Needed that for the hangover...)

While I started calculated the winning lines, my opponent decided to resign because 'he had to go to Fussball'. Yeah, the season of stupidity has started again.

Added a point to my superovermegascore of 2.

3 out of 7, clearly a disaster. TPR of 1828, ridiculous.
The blunders are inexplicable, and without them I should've had 2,5 point more. Then the chessworld looks very different. Well, not 'the' chessworld, but 'my' chessworld.

Remarkably enough I've had fun in every game, and though I'm bitching to myself after every loss, it didn't seem to influence me in the following games.

When I played theory I gained huge advantages, when I played exotic I had to fight for the points. That's something to learn from.

The rating-border 2100 is a bit out of sight, but I'm sure the experience will make me stronger.

Was mich nicht umbringt, macht mich stärker.

Het non-alcoholfreies bier smaakt me goed.


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