100x100: intuition

"It's not about right or wrong, or the exact meaning of the different words we use. It's not that rational.

It's about sharing what happens to you in life, how you feel about it, and why it is worrying you or making you happy.

It's about wishes and dreams, ambition and milestones.

What's been accomplished, and what's left to be accomplished.

It's about understanding the pain in someone, and the love that comes with it.

It's about boundaries, openness, speaking up in difficult situations, and helping those in need.

It's waking up one morning, and looking at a tree for an hour, and another morning getting a bit more sleep.

It's seeing the bigger picture, without neglecting the details.

It's apologizing for your mistakes years later, when you finally come to terms with them.

It's about knowing who you truly love, and who truly loves you.

All that, to me, is intuition."


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mb schreef op 14 Jun, 2022:

And seen

In awe
And in love

And again

x schreef op 13 Jun, 2022:

Look at that moon!

mb schreef op 4 Feb, 2022:

Her silence moves oceans of words
But when she writes the magic occurs

x schreef op 2 Feb, 2022:

'Upon what,' asked the Moon, 'can I shine my mighty light tonight?'

'Is it really your light?'

'No, Sun, it's yours, I know that. But didn't every being on earth at first believe it was mine? In fact, don't they still?'

'They do. And it is yours, to the extent that my light shines upon you, and then through you. It has done so for years.'

'Gosh. I guess you're right. I'm sorry for owning up your light.'

'Don't you worry, Moon. The giving of my light multiplies it; it doesn't diminish it. And you have some qualities of your own.'

'What are they again?'

'Have you forgotten? When you're at the right place within your own orbit, you move oceans, you ground people and let Arctic wolves howl in the distance.'

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